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Pre-Calculus Syllabus

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Pre-calculus is a challenging but useful mathematics course. It will prepare you for college calculus by introducing you to topics including trigonometry, vectors, matrices, conic sections, and parametric equations.

Your grade will come from two categories:

1) Tests & Quizzes 70% of grade

Tests and Quizzes will always be announced in advance. Expect 2 - 4 tests per quarter. In addition to unit tests, quarter tests will be given when time allows. Quizzes will include material from the homework and reading assignments.

2) Homework 30% of grade

Homework will be assigned daily. Most often assignments will be graded in class. Your homework will be graded based on completion, total correct, or a combination of both completion and correctness.

The following grading scale will be used:

A 92 - 100
B 83 - 91
C 74 - 82
D 65 - 73
F 0 - 64

If you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain the assignment and notes that you missed. If you miss a test, arrange a make-up date as soon as you return. If you know in advance that you will be absent you may obtain the assignment before the absence (this includes taking tests and quizzes). Please inform your activity advisors that you must know of absences in advance.

Please come to class prepared. This includes bringing your textbook, pencil, a scientific or graphing calculator (TI-89 or similar models with symbol manipulation capability are NOT allowed on tests), a three-ring binder, and graph paper. In class work time is to be used to work on pre-calculus-this is not a study hall. If you complete your pre-calculus assignment, then you may use the remaining time to work on homework from other classes.

Pre-calculus is a challenging subject, which frequently requires some hard work. This class will move at a brisk pace, and you may find yourself overwhelmed if you fall behind. Please ask for additional help as soon as you need it (don't wait until the day before a quiz or test-then it is too late!). I will be available for tutoring during periods 2 and 7 most days and after 3:30 by appointment.

Remember: Keeping up is easier than catching up!!!

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